Why become a freelance translator?


Flexible schedule

Our online platform is available 24/7 so you can work whenever you want, from wherever you want!

Choose a project

Find and work on translations that fit your qualifications

Get paid

When the customer has approved the translation, you will get paid by bank transfer

  • You won’t actually be hired, but you will gain access to the jobs – Translatioo is just an intermediary
  • We don’t expect you to be available 24/7, but that you make a serious effort to fit an assignment into your own plans
  • You will receive between 0,63 DKK – 0,80 DKK per new word

Interested? Then please fill out the the application form below:

Or the language you are most comfortable with
Do you have proficiency in special terminology? E.g. music, medicine, sports or cars
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