Translatioo is a provider of linguistic humanities since 2017 based in Denmark. We connect language experts and translators with clients in need of their services. As opposed to regular translation agencies, we do not hire translators, but merely facilitate the meeting between client and translator. In other words, we are an online portal for freelancers.


Qualified translation

At Translatioo we demand a high level of quality. Therefore, our translators have high standards in terms of general language knowledge – grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary. Furthermore, they are familiar with translation strategies, techniques and computer-assisted translation applications (CAT).

In cooperation with highly qualified educative and research staff at the University of Copenhagen, we have created a handbook and a comprehensive exam that all translators need to pass before they are qualified to work for us.
The test questions include all aspects and subjects needed to thoroughly assess the applicant and its skills required to work as a translator.

Furthermore, our translators are native speakers, language graduates and experienced translators which all are great advantages.


Our services are provided by translators from all over the world, from all countries and all time zones. This means that we have no “office hours” (except our customer support department). The translators are always ready to translate and receive notifications every time a new job is submitted.

Another benefit of having freelancers is that we can muster native speakers from a wide range of countries, giving our clients a wider range of available target languages.

The benefits of freelancing are also multiple: you can work from any place, you can work at any time and you can work as much as you want to.